Enjoying The Sun

I got up this morning at 9:30am and the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the grass hoppers were hopping, you get the idea. It was every bit as beautiful as yesterday and that meant another rooooooost!

Riding today was like a night and day difference when compared to yesterday. Of course the weather was the same but the crowds of people were gone. Steveston Village was like a ghost town and there was hardly anyone on my riding trail, except for the occasional retired seniors going on their morning hikes. My riding was made easier because it wasn’t as windy as yesterday. However, I forgot to fill my water bottle before heading out. After I got back and showered, Sarah and I went to Pho Hoa for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to take a drive out to Steveston Village and walk along the water – it was just too beautiful to stay indoors. And being a weekday, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. It’s days like these that will make you understand why Vancouver is the best city in the world to live in. There is simply no other city like this. I recommend everyone to come here and experience it. But please stop jacking up our real estate prices!

It is also days like these that make me reflect on how good life is and what the internet has been able to provide for me. Here I am, living in the best city in the world and I have the time to experience it and enjoy it, instead of being cooped up in some cubical.