Emailing Your Favorite Blogger

I get a ton of emails everyday. I’m sure that is the same with other big bloggers like Shoemoney and Problogger. Have you ever sent an email to your favorite blogger and got nothing in return? Want to improve your odds of getting a reply? Then follow these simple steps.

Put Yourself In The Blogger’s Shoe

You need to tailor your email to the blogger you are targeting. The bigger they are, the less time they have to read a long email. A minute or two to read an email doesn’t sound like much, but when you multiply that by hundreds of emails, you’re looking at several hours of work. That makes it very hard to do a 4-hour work week. The less work you create for the target blog, the higher the chance of getting a reply.

Don’t Ask First, Just Do

You want to interview a professional blogger like Shoemoney? Don’t ask for an interview. Just send it. I’ve received countless emails asking for interviews. The author ask if I agree, they will email me the questions. You would get a much better chance of getting a reply if you send the questions with the email. The last interview I did, the blogger had the five questions right in the email.

I’ve also received emails asking if I would like hear a business idea but the person doesn’t offer any detail on what the idea is. I’m always open to new business ideas. There is no need to email me (or any other blogger) asking if I am interested. Just state the idea in the first email and I can give you an answer right away instead of playing email tag.

Get To The Point

Checking emails is one of the most time consuming task I do. I get hundreds of emails everyday. The faster I can go thought them, the better. When sending an email to a big name blogger, make it as short as possible. Don’t chic chat, just get to the point. Your chances of getting a reply is in direct relation to the length of your email – the longer the email, the less chance of a reply. As a general rule; if you can’t get your point across in three paragraphs, don’t brother sending until you do.

I’ve received long details emails from reader telling me they did a review on my blog and how much they enjoyed doing it and how they plan to make money online, etc. Then they get taken a back when the only reply they get from me is, “Batch 92.” I like people to get to the point so I do my replies the same way. That’s why many emails will just get an URL in their reply when they ask me a question that has already been answered in the blog. Lately, I’ve been sending the URL to the ebook.

Get to the point. Emails are for conducting business. Save the chic chat for MSN.