Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Social media has always been an awesome tool to generate buzz for your business. It is used by consumers and business owners to locate information which will expedite business growth. However, even with social media you have to be careful when testing different methods because you want to optimize conversions. I know first-hand how social media can be very consuming especially when on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. As a business owner, I have used Facebook to grow my business and over the years tested out many methods to ensure optimal success. This platform can be very tricky. However, it’s all about testing and tweaking along the way. If you are a business owner, I recommend using Facebook in your marketing strategy. I also recommend making sure you document your research so you can continually increase conversions.

Let’s take a quick look at some effective Facebook marketing strategies.

Common Facebook Advice

Over the years, there has been a general consensus regarding what every business should start off with when marketing. Here are the standard rules to follow:

Post Frequency & Timing –

Every niche will have a different optimal time which will produce the highest results. This will again depend on your niche because relevant people will skim through Facebook throughout the day. The good news is you can always start with a quick Google search to find out if any case studies have been done regarding your niche. For example, a quick search on Google for “SEO + Facebook” has produced many case studies showing days & timings when niche relevant people engage the most. However, you should do a quick search in your niche to see if you can find previous data. If not, try the following…

Start by posting through the day and use a link tracker like “Bit.ly” to analyze the data. You can view statistics in Bit.ly, which are broken down to country, day, past hour, etc. You can get a good idea of when is the best time to post on Facebook for optimal conversions.

Use Targeting (Ad Network) –

If you have a marketing budget, then use “targeting” to pinpoint people by country, age, interests, etc. The Facebook Ad Network has many targeting options and they’ll provide a solid report that will provide you with all the data you need. Don’t forget to split test and pay close attention at the beginning on your budget because you can very easily get carried away spending way too much money.

Use Images and Effective Headlines –

On Facebook, your going to have enormous competition with people marketing similar posts in your niche. This is why it’s important you stand out and try different things like using attractive images and headlines. Your objective should be to attract people to click-through on your content because this means a higher chance of conversions. Utilize “targeted” keywords in your niche and mix up the images you use. Add a border to them and bright colors because this will help draw the user to your post.

Un-Common Advice

Many people tell you that networking with relevant people on Facebook is the best marketing for businesses. I always like to identify relevant people in my niche and ask them to help you because they are more than willing to for the right exchange. For example, I will try and write content where I give these people credit or even include them in an interview because once it’s completed it increases the chance of them sharing. I’ve had great success with this strategy because some of these people have 10,000+ followers. However, you have to be genuine in the approach and really make it beneficial for both people involved.

Here are the top 2 best methods to make this every effective:

Mentions in Content –

The first is creating an in-depth guide and giving the person credit for their expertise. You can outline content they’ve written and even link to a guide they have published. Secondly, ask them for an interview which you’ll publish on your blog afterward. Here is a link to my interview series.

The questions are very popular often asked by people in my niche. Nothing is better than interviewing successful bloggers with years of experience on very common questions. It’s a great way to build engagement and brand awareness while almost guaranteeing the interview being shared on Facebook.com.

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