eefoof – Make It, Post It, Profit!

A new startup call is going to try and give YouTube a run for the money. There are already over 150 video sharing sites on the net. How does eefoof plan to stand out? By givinmg you a piece of the action! At places such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and eBaumsworld, the creators of popular clips aren’t compensated. If you post your video on eefoof, they’ll give you a percentage of the revenue your video generates.

Whether or not eefoof can sustain itself by cutting videographers in on revenues remains to be seen. However, at a time when many video-sharing sites are looking for compelling content, the payment offer could give Eefoof an edge in attracting superior videos. From the eefoof site:

When you upload a piece of media for submission to eefoof, your first hit immediatly starts generating income. Each month, we measure the amount of individual page views for each item you submit, and then calculate the percentage of hits it accounted for its media type. We then use this number to figure out your share of the sites ad revenue. Once your account exceeds $25, we will send you a Paypal transfer to the email specified at account creation.

It will be interesting to see YouTube’s reaction. Will they follow or write eefoof off as a fly by night? Time will tell. I think I’ll go and set up an account now.