Easy Split Tests You Can Do Today To Increase Subscriber Engagement

Knowing what your subscribers want and what kind of content engages them the most doesn’t mean you have to be a mind reader, or spend tons of money on marketing research. Instead, a little split testing can help you figure out a lot of what you audience is most receptive to.

In this video, Aweber’s Jay Moore as we dive into an Aweber account to build some split tests from scratch and discuss how easy it is to implement, test and get results that you can work with to create better emails. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why you want to split test, and how to do it in Aweber in a few clicks.
  • Testing subject lines with personalization and other variants.
  • Experimenting with button colors, labels, and even no button at all for CTAs.
  • Retrieving split test data and using it to craft more relevant, engaging content.

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