Dueling Booth Babes

The use of booth babes in trade shows is nothing new. However, Computex uses booth babes for more than just decoration. Unlike other trade shows where the girls just stand around at their booths and look pretty, the babes at Computex are allowed to roam around the show floor and are often used to upstage a rival company’s presentation. This results in a booth babe duel.

The above video pits the NVIDIA demo girls against another demo team. For whatever reason, many demos are held at the same time, even if the company booths are right next to each other. This results in a fight to see which demo team can grab the most attention. It’s pretty funny to watch really. Many times the duel ends up in a draw. However in the duel the pitted ATI against Apacer, ATI clearly won out.

In addition to the booth babe duels, some companies will launch a direct attack against their rivals by sending in a roaming booth babe team to the rival’s camp to distract their demos and yell a battle cry. You can see an example of this below, as ATI sent in a battalion of red shirted ATI girls to the NVIDIA booth to let everyone know who’s number 1. I’m sure NVIDIA tried the same thing to ATI, but it wouldn’t have been as effective as the ATI girls out-numbered the NVIDIA girls by 5 to 1.

I am not sure if all this booth babe fighting is done in fun or if there is a more serious side to it. Whatever the answer may be, one thing is for sure, it isn’t boring. We will have more booth babe videos in later articles. In the mean time we have uploaded our Computex booth babe photos to the TTZ Gallery. You can view all booth babe here.