Driving with John Chow – Episode 21 Doing Whatever It Takes

I maybe in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean I stop driving. After all, Vancouver is a great place to drive in, especially in the summer. No, I don’t have a Mercedes SL550 like I have down in the OC. Since Vancouver has four seasons, I get around in a much more practical SUV.

This episode of Driving with John Chow is more of a rant than a lesson. I talk about doing whatever it takes to be a success, and than rant about all the emails I get from people who wants to be a success, but are not willing to do the work to achieve it (you know who you are).

Like yesterday’s Dot Com Pho video, this video was edited, rendered, and uploaded from the Apple Store in the Oakridge Centre Mall. In fact, it was recorded on the drive to the Apple Store. When I got to the mall, I removed the SD card from the Olympus camera, walked to the Apple Store, plugged the card into their Mac Pro, and started editing. An hour later, the video was up on YouTube and this post is live.

Don’t let anything stand between you and success. Be willing to do whatever it takes.


My video production “office” at the Apple Store. Why buy it when you can use it for free! 😛