Driving with John Chow – Episode 18 The Crop Zoom

Yesterday, I showed you all the gears used to filmed Driving with John Chow. Today, I use Driving with John Chow to show you a neat little video editing trick to cut yourself from one scene to the next scene without having your head jerk all over the place.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the presenter was standing in front of her unchanging background (usually her room), and then suddenly jerks to the left or right? This is because she edited the video to cut out a scene that didn’t need to be there. Doing too many of these cuts can be very distracting to the viewers.

Professional studios get around the problem by using multiple cameras. By switching from one camera to another to make a cut, it looks a lot more natural and you don’t get a distracting shift of the presenter. But what if you have only one camera? How can you achieve the same results? Watch the video and find out.