Driving Through a Snow Storm for Sushi

Marinepolis Sushi Land is an eleven store sushi chain with locations in Washington and Oregon State. Whenever I’m down in the Seattle area, I make a point to hit up Sushi Land for lunch or dinner. If you go there for lunch, expect to wait because the place is always packed. Dinner time is generally less pack because Sushi Land caters to the lunchtime business crowd.

Sushi Land is very much like the Japanese version of the American diner. It’s a place to get good food at very reasonable price. All the sushi are placed on a belt with multicolor plates. The color of the plate tells you the price of the sushi. Take as many plates as you want. When you’re finished, add it all up and pay the bill.

Normally a trip to Sushi Land is a very pleasant experience. However, this time, we had to drive through a snow storm to get there. That wasn’t fun at all. I tell ya, the lengths I go through to get some good sushi!