Double Parked Supercars At South OC Cars and Coffee

You need to have a super special car in order to take up two parking spaces at South OC Cars and Coffee. The average run of the mill Lamborghini or Ferrari just won’t do. Most weeks, not a single car will be consider special enough to be double parked. This week, we had three of them!

The first double parked supercar is the new 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. It is the world’s fastest car and it cost $3,825,000. However, the Chiron featured in the video carries $476,450 of options to bring the final price to $4,301,450. What are those options? Check it out.

  • Blue Royal Carbon paint: $222,500
  • Sunroof: $62,000
  • Black anodized interior trim: $56,000
  • Lake Blue signature line: $18,600
  • Noctume rear light trim: $15,000
  • Black coated exhaust deflector: $15,000
  • Rear wing Super Sport logo in Le Patron: $12,500
  • Black coated rear wing mechanics: $12,500
  • Blue Royal Carbon engine cover: $12,500
  • Comfort seats: $12,500
  • Noctume horseshoe: $7500
  • Horseshoe logo in Argent: $6200
  • Brake calipers painted Grenade: $6200
  • Matte Noctume engine cover parts: $5000
  • Headrest logo in Grigio: $3100
  • Lake Blue rearview mirror: $3100
  • Lake Blue hidden delights: $2500
  • Lake Blue seatbelts: $2500
  • Noctume wheel caps: $1250

Maybe it’s just me, but I think charging $62,000 for sunroof is a bit much, especially when you can’t even open it! Watch the video to find out about the other two double parked supercars.