Dot Mobi

In case anyone is interested, there is a new top level domain call .mobi. What is .mobi? It’s a unique top-level domain that is dedicated to delivering the Internet to mobile devices. Domains with a .mobi extension are required to follow certain guidelines designed to ensure that the sites are optimized for viewing from a phone or PDA.

Within the next three years over 1.3 billion people will access the web from their phone or PDA. .mobi will be the standard by which these people browse the mobile Internet. .mobi will make it easy for phone users to find quality and reliable Internet content and services designed with the limitations of a phone in mind.

Personally I think the idea of surfing the net on a mobile phone or PDA is stupid. I have found a killer app for the PDA however – Skype! Skype turns my Dell Pocket PC into a nice little VoIP phone, as long as I have access to WiFi of course.