Dot Com Pho – WordCamp Orange County 2012 Edition

Instead of doing our standard Saturday afternoon Dot Com Pho, the crew decided to hit WordCamp Orange County 2012 instead. WordCamp is the name given to all WordPress-related gatherings. The first WordCamp was held on August 2006 in San Francisco, which lasted one day and had over 500 attendees. By 2011, the camp ran for three days and had over 1,000 attendees. The first WordCamp outside San Francisco was held in Beijing in September 2007. Since then, there have been over 150 WordCamps around the world, for an average of nearly one a week.

WordCamp Orange County was held at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa. The event ran for a full day (there is a half day on Sunday for developers), and included a nice lunch and after party. All attendees got an Orange County WordCamp T-shirt. This is not a bad deal for $29. Of course, I, being John Chow, just walked in. 😛

Normally, a WordCamp is a pretty dry affair, so we tried to liven things up a bit. Watch the video to see the disruption we caused on the sessions. Hopefully, they’ll welcome us back when WordCamp Orange County 2013 rolls around.