Dot Com Pho with Tyler Cruz

John Chow & Tyler Cruz

Tyler Cruz is in town for a “poker vacation” at the River Rock Casino and had time to stop by for some Dot Com Pho before heading back home to the Nanaimo. Normally, we hold Dot Com pho on Saturday but since we’ll all be in Whistler for the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival this weekend, I decided to get an early Pho fix. Tyler wouldn’t have been able to make a weekend meet up anyway.

Tyler got hit by Murphy’s Law during his vacation. His server and all his sites, including his blog, went down on the day he left and they are still down as I write this. Hopefully, Tyler will be able to restore everything when he gets home later tonight.

It was nice to finally meet Tyler. Too bad none of the other Pho attendees (except Greg Morgan) made it to the weekday Dot Com Pho. Something call work got in the way.

I always welcome the opportunity to meet readers and fellow bloggers. Give me a shout if you’re in town. And don’t be like Tyler and lose all your money playing poker against rich Asian players. 😉