Dot Com Pho – What The Pho! Edition


I had so much fun doing Dot Com Pho in Seattle last week that I’ve decided to do it again in Seattle this week. This time, we headed to What The Pho! in Tukwila to see what the Pho makes this place so unique. I have to admit, What The Pho! is a pretty creative name for a Pho shop.

What The Pho! is unlike any Pho restaurants I’ve ever seen. This has to be the cleanest Asian restaurant ever! You can literally eat off the floor. Unlike the Pho places back home, What The Pho! features a full bar, plasma TVs and a damn hot white hostess who only speaks English. There’s even a loft with a pool table so you shoot pool and eat Pho at the same time! Joining me at What The Pho! were Nate Whitehill, Josh Mullineaux and Matt Blancarte from Unique Blog Designs.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho, we have a bunch of What The Pho! menus, drinking black Vietnamese ice coffee, cutting the heads of live chickens, the gadget of the week and a whole lot more. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find out the time and location of the next one.