Dot Com Pho – Wanton Destruction Edition

We’re back in Seattle for the first U.S. Dot Com Pho of the 2011 and what a Pho it was. Held at Thanh Vi, which has become our default Pho restaurant, this week’s meetup was attended by myself, Travis Ketchem, Harlan Yee and the Gadget Momma from Social Media Guru Mastermind.

For this episode of Dot Com Pho, the boss of Thanh Vi tries to butter us up by giving us free dessert. We also have the Pho pansies, the old school gadget of the week, trying to get Steve Ballmer to sign my Apple iPad and wanton destruction of city property. Hopefully, the city of Seattle doesn’t read my blog or the Gadget Momma is going to be in trouble!

Vancouver Dot Com Pho: Flatliner Edition