Dot Com Pho Toronto

Dot Com Pho moved to Toronto for the very first time and it turned out to be one of the best Dot Com Phos to date. We had a good turn out of 10 people making it out to the Vietnam Noodle Star. It was a good thing Sarah decided to make reservations because that place was packed!

Because this is the first Dot Com Pho and the first time we have ever met face to face, the conversation wasn’t anything like the Dot Com Pho back home. The topics were pure blogging and Internet related. We did get in a bit of politics and got to know each other a long the way. The group hopes to continue the Dot Com Pho meet ups after I’m gone.

Joining Sarah and me for Toronto’s first Dot Com Pho were Bart Dabek of About My Planet and, ZK of Web Traffic ROI, Ahmed Dawn of A Dawn Journal, Francis Chung of Tech Viva, Chris Ye of Customize, Manuel Maniquis of Adobo Republic, Max of Money Bites, Blog Gears and OIO Publisher, and Antonio Leong. It was great to meet you guys. Hopefully, the next time I’m in Toronto, Dot Com Pho will be taking over entire restaurants.