Dot Com Pho – The Person Who Least Deserves It Always Wins It Edition

Last week, we had so few people showed up at Dot Com Pho that I didn’t brother to film an episode. Things looked much better this week with eight people making it out to the Pho fest. Ed Lau would have been last again but he slept in and by the time he woke up, Pho was over. If you wish to join us for Dot Com Pho, just reply to me on Twitter when I send out the time and location. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For this edition of the Dot Com Pho we have the person who least deserves to win an Apple iPad winning it, I harass a girl protesting sexual harassment in the workplace, hot and sour soup that is more hot than sour, the return of Stephen Fung Version 2 and the Apple iPad app of the week.