Dot Com Pho – The Opposite Edition

We had a bigger than full house today at Dot Com Pho. Our normal Saturday reserved table can seat ten people but we had a total of 13 showed up for our Opposite Edition. We all had to squeeze a little tighter to get everyone to sit around the table. We all thought that Ed Lau would be last but he was actually fourth from last. That’s a new first.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho, I wanted to show you some of the amazing intellectual discussions that takes up the three plus hours of the pho meet up. We also wished Josh Rimer a happy birthday, watch Mr. Happy Pho serve beer to a minor (with a straw no less!), figure out the opposite of love and the opposites of a bunch of other stuff. Lastly, there was the blogging cat. Yes, it’s a cat with its own blog.

If you wish to get into deep intellectual discussions that will blow your brains out, then join us for the next edition of Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter for the time and location of the next meet up.