Dot Com Pho – The Fender Bender Edition

Even though I’m partying it up in China, the Dot Com crew back home has been busy with the weekly Pho meet up – just because I left doesn’t mean it comes to a squeaking halt. For yesterday’s event, Stephen Fung and the crew went to Fender’s at the Richmond Auto Mall. Why? I’m not sure.

This week we have a smaller turnout, but more of the good stuff you enjoy. Of course we have yours truly scarfing down some enormous meal, and we also get to talk to Leo Chiang, our resident SciFi star, about his thoughts on the last episode of the show that made him infamous, Battlestar Galactica, and his new role on Stargate Universe. Apparently he “doesn’t make it” which is code for “I die”. Ed stumbles in late, but not as late as he normally does since our location this week is much closer to home. Enjoy!

Dot Com Pho – The Fender Bender Edition was filmed in full HD but Stephen is too cheap to pay for a Vimeo Professional account so there is no HD embedding. However, you can go to Vimeo itself and see the Dot Com Crew in full HD glory.