Dot Com Pho – Stupid Human Tricks Edition

I’m back in Vancouver for my fist Dot Com Pho since moving to Seattle. Of course, everyone got a big laugh out of that since I moved to Seattle only 6 days ago so I didn’t really miss any Vancouver Pho. While I like to say I came back to Vancouver just for Dot Com Pho, the truth is I came back for a family wedding (one of my cousins is getting married).

This episode of Dot Com Pho is a bit longer than most. However, I think you’ll enjoy it more because we got into a bunch of stuff that we’ve never done before. Stuff like stupid human trick. We also to got meet Dot Com Pho’s newest and youngest member and I got a real hand written letter in the mail from a reader! Enjoy the episode and tune in next week to see where I end up.