Dot Com Pho – Shout for Donation Edition

Dot Com Pho returns to our main hangout at Pho Lan for our Shout for Donation edition. This edition got its name because instead of doing the normal Tweeter shout outs, we’re only shouting the name and URL of readers who helped out the Union Gospel Mission in their Christmas Dinner drive. If you’ve made a donation to the UGM this week, then you got a shout out. If not, then make a donation and get shout out next week.

For the shout for donation edition of Dot Com Pho, we have Pho menu #24, the gadget of the week, iPhone app of the week, Sally eating Pho, Twitter as the new IM and having fun with Northern Voice. Attending Dot Com Pho were myself, Sally, Sarah, Steven Fung, Ed Lau, Jason Landals and Jeffifer from Citrus Pie.