Dot Com Pho Shirt Saturday


Ed Lau came to today’s Dot Com Pho bearing gifts from Shawn Knight. In addition to running his blog, Shawn’s also the owner of OCIA (a TTZ Media affiliate) and sent a bunch of T-shirts for Ed to give to local BC bloggers. Why? Because it’s an awesomely cheap way to get a plug! Not only am I writing about it, but Ed wrote about it as well and I’m sure the rest of the BC’s bloggers will be writing about it when they get their shirts.

I am not sure how many shirts Shawn made or how many he is sending to other bloggers but I’m sure he’ll get more than his money’s worth on the deal. I need to make some shirts for my blog but I haven’t come up with a good design yet. If anyone want to give a go at designing me a shirt, please feel free. If I use it, I’ll send you a finished shirt, plus another little gift.

In the picture above and below, you can see Ed, Stephen Fung and myself modeling the new OCIA shirt. All three shirts are the same. Stephen has his shirt on backwards.