Dot Com Pho – Post Olympic Blues Edition

Now that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games are over, we’re all suffering from post Olympic blues. The blues have especially hit hard for Ed Lau, who has been cruising downtown everyday hoping to find a street party that is no longer there. Seeing the sad state everyone was in, it made sense to hold this edition of Dot Com Pho at Happy Pho because if anyone can cheer us up, it would be Happy Brian.

Joining us for this Pho get together were the regulars like Aaron Koo, Michael “FATal1ty” Yurechko, Wolfgang Christl, Bonnie and Marilyn. Ed finally realized there wasn’t going to be a block party at Robson Square and showed up last. We were also joined by George Moen, the President of Blenz Coffee. I want to thank George for giving everyone who showed up at Dot Com Pho, Blenz coffee for life. I plan to make maximum use of that!