Dot Com Pho – Pho Viet Edition

For this week’s Dot Com Pho, we headed to Pho Viet in Richmond. Pho Viet is the first Pho restaurant to open in Richmond. For nearly two years, they were the only place you can go to for a bowl of Pho. Now a days, Pho Viet has a lot of competition from other Pho restaurants but they can still create a line up on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Pho Viet is the only Pho restaurant in the Lower Mainland to give you the definition of Pho on their window. It reads, “Pho means you’ll get a delicious wholesome meal in a bowl at a reasonable price.”

For the Pho Viet edition of Dot Com Pho, we have National PHOlanthropy Day, Pho menu #1, Ice Coffee failure, the gadget of the week, Twitter shout outs, the world coming to an end and a whole lot more. Next week, Dot Com Pho will be returning to Pho Lan. See you there!