Dot Com Pho – Pho Tan Edition

While we’re calling this episode of Dot Com Pho the Pho Tan edition because it was held at Pho Tan, it could have been call the everyone was late edition because most everyone showed up late. I doubt this had to do with the location because was pretty easy to find. At any rate, better late than never, or so Ed thought.

We had a nice turn out of a dozen people making it out for the weekly Pho fest, including some camera shy newbies. Their names are in the credits but you won’t see them in the video. For the Pho Tan edition of Dot Com Pho, we have the Vancouver Blogger Meetup, the gadget of the week, financial tip of the week, phone call from the President Elect, iPhone app of the week, blog test dummy, Twitter shout outs and where the hell is Ed.

Dot Com Pho was filmed using a Flip Mino digital camcorder and edited with iMovie 08 on the MacBook Air. See you next week!