Dot Com Pho – New York Pizza Edition

This edition of Dot Com Pho takes us all the way to the Big Apple in New York City. It was during Affiliate Summit East that we held our first Dot Com Pho – New York Pizza Edition. This was the biggest Dot Com Pho event to date, with over 60 people showing up to Ray’s Famous Pizza on Broadway to enjoy a night of networking, beer and pizza.

The event was sponsored by my friends at Market Leverage, who did a great job choosing the location and ordering the pizzas. The only problem was they ordered too many. I think there was still a half dozen pizza left over and who knows how many side items. Oh well, better to overbook than under book, I say.

It was great to finally meet with some of my New York readers and put a face to the name. Everyone had a great time. The pizzas at Ray’s really were fabulous. I highly recommend the place if you’re looking for some authentic New York style pizza. I think we’ll have to do this again for Affiliate Summit West or Blog World in Las Vegas.