Dot Com Pho – First Pho of 2011 Edition

Now that everyone is back from Las Vegas, the first Dot Com Pho of 2011 happened today in Vancouver at Happy Pho at 4136 Main Street. As you can guess, Brian the owner was very happy to see us again. We had two brand new attendees this week; Tony Kwan of The Lifestyle Design Blog and Emmet Gibney of Badminton Life.

For the first Pho of 2011, we have winning $10,000 for building a computer, the correct way to Pho, trying to get Ed’s mom to wake up Ed so he wouldn’t come last (it didn’t work) and Lexi Fung giving us the look. Anyone is welcome to join Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.