Dot Com Pho – Fine Dining Edition

Normally, when you think of Pho, you don’t think of fine dining. All that changed this week when Alessandra and Jean-Francis of Provence Restaurants joined us for Dot Com Pho. It’s not everyday that you get to have lunch with a pair of local celebrity chefs. Add in the attendance of Aaron Koo and it meant that half the table at this week’s meetup were chefs.

As you no doubt guessed, most of the discussions centered around food, restaurants and fine dining. However, we did managed to get in a few other topics and even had time to show off two gadgets of the week. If you’re ever in Vancouver and want to sample two of the best fine dining restaurants in the city, check out Alessandra and Jean-Francis’ two Provence restaurants. I’ve dined there many times and have never been disappointed.