Dot Com Pho – Fast and Furious Edition

For whatever reason, Stephen likes to call his videos After Hours. This came about because I would film a Dot Com Pho video and then he would do one showing stuff that happen after Dot Com Pho was over. However, his videos no longer does that. They are filmed as Dot Com Pho is happen. Stephen kept the moniker to distinguish his Dot Com Pho video from mine one. However again, I’ve decided to stop doing the videos since Stephen is already filming during the Pho feast. There’s no need for two videos of what would basically be the same thing. So this Dot Com Pho After Hours is really Dot Com Pho. What’s in today’s episode?

This is kind of a 2 for 1 feature presentation as last week, I just didn’t have enough footage to make a video. So instead, you get to see what Leo and hi woofed down at a local Turkish restaurant.

This week we welcome John Chow back from his captivity in China for war crimes against the Panda. We also welcome Michael Kwan home for a couple days before he ships back off to the frosted Tundra known as Edmonton. Gadgets this week include a look at the Kindle 2, how Devastator is a Segway, and we also uncover the John Dory Mystery from Hells Kitchen.