Dot Com Pho – Epic Sweats Edition

This edition of Dot Com Pho has been sponsored by Epic Advertising, who sent along some nice sweat pants. Epic is the parent company of AzoogleAds. They’re the ones putting on the blow out party at the Playboy Mansion in August. To get an invite, you have to be a Top 50 Azoogle affiliate or you can write an essay on why you think you deserve a ticket to the party of the year.

We had a full house for this Pho meetup, with a dozen people attending. It was quite cramp at our table but we managed to make room for everyone. If you would like to join us for a future edition of Dot Com Pho, just reply to me on Twitter after I tweet out the time and location.

For the Epic Sweats edition of Dot Com Pho, we have deal or no deal, jacking some fruit, LG73, driving all the way from Penticton for Pho, free tickets to the F5 Expo and more junk mail from West Vancouver. Dot Com Pho was filmed on location at Pho Vancouver at 4136 Main Street. Afterwards, we went to the Blenz Coffee down the street to process and upload the video. Enjoy!