Dot Com Pho – Eat Like An Olympian Edition

We may not be able to skate or ski like an Olympian but we can certainly eat like one. And Pho Thai Hoa at 1625 Kingsway in Vancouver is a good a place as any to eat you heart out. With a totally revamped menu with extremely colorful photos, we were tempted left and right to try everything the restaurant had to offer.

Attending this week’s Pho get together were Ed Lau, Aaron Koo and myself. It seems everyone else was too tired from walking and lining up at Olympic events to wake up in time for Pho. What a bunch of wimps! At any rate, we still had a great time and filmed an awesome episode for you to enjoy.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho we have eat until you can’t eat no more, pig feet with hair, a soda made with a raw egg, MSG soup, a salad made with beef jerky, Vancouver 2010 for xBox 360 by Sega, win an Apple iPad, how to make the female Olympic curling teams sexier than they already are and my plan to buy out Vancouver after the Games.