Dot Com Pho – Cream Puff Pho Edition

This edition of Dot Com Pho comes to you from Pho Than Brothers in sunny Bellevue. Starting a new Dot Com Pho chapter is always tough. I sent out a Twitter tweet announcing the meetup and two users replied but only one showed up. You have to start somewhere so Harlan Yee of The Render Q and I hosted the first Dot Com Pho in Bellevue.

Than Brothers is a true Pho restaurant. Pho is all they serve. There’s are no non Pho dishes like lemon grass pork chop on rice or spring rolls. Every Pho dish comes with a cream puff dessert. The prices are extremely reasonable and they even offer an XL size bowl (must be an American thing). In addition to enjoying the Pho, this edition features the gadget of the week and the winners of the Guerrilla Social Media Marketing book. Enjoy!

*Update – Here’s the Dot Com Pho video from Vancouver.