Dot Com Pho – Cold-Blooded Government Worker Edition

While fall has started in many parts of the world, it’s still hot and sunny at Dot Com Pho Orange County. Once again, we were relaxing out in the patio of Pho Ba Co with T-shirts and shorts. All except for the cold-blooded government worker. He was in a dress sweater and bow tie. We figured he must be cold blooded to dress like that on such a hot day.

In addition to the cold-blooded government worker, this edition of Dot Com Pho features two pounds of beef plus two pounds of noodle, don’t worry, be happy, and how to get people to do what you want by using NLP. We had a nice turn out of eight people making it out to Dot Com Pho OC, including three new attendees. Anyone is welcome to join us. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Rainy Day in Mid October

While it was hot and sunny in Orange County, it was cold and rainy in Vancouver. That didn’t stop the Vancouver Dot Com Crew getting together at Happy Pho for their meetup. On this episode, you can see a dog wearing a sweater because of the cold and Michael Kwan talking about going snorkeling in Maui without knowing how to swim.