Dot Com Pho – Apple Halloween Edition

Last week, we had a full house for Dot Com Pho. This week we had a near empty one with only four people showing up. I guess everyone got scared off by Halloween or something. That’s really too bad because all those people who didn’t show up missed out on the free Macbook Pros that Apple gave away.

In attendance this week were Greg “Big C” Morgan, Michael “FATal1ty” Yurechko, Gary “iPhone Lover” Ng and yours truly. In addition to getting the Macbook, Gary showed off our gadget of the week, the new Apple Magic Mouse. This has to be the slickest mouse ever made and goes really nicely with the Macbook Pro. We also took a visit to the Apple store. A big thanks to Apple Canada for sponsoring the Halloween edition of Dot Com Pho.

Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Most of the time, there are no gifts for attendees but one in a blue moon, some company will lavish us with toys that will make any tech geek wet his pants. To find out the time and location of the next Dot Com Pho, follow me on Twitter. Happy Halloween!