Dot Com Lunch – Where Is Everybody Edition

For whatever reason, I forgot my cell phone and iPad when I left the house for the Dot Com Lunch.

I was the first one there, and it felt really strange not to be able to go on the smart phone or the iPad while I was waiting. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. We’re gotten so use to our devices that we don’t feel normal when they’re not with us.

This episode of the Dot Com Lunch features the Manfrotto PIXI. This is a mini tripod. You may recall that we featured the GoPole Base mini tripod at last week’s Dot Com Lunch. The Base was a piece of junk. The PIXI is not. In fact, the PIXI is quite possibly the best mini tripod money can buy. Best of all, at only $24.88 from Amazon, it’s significantly less than the $40 Base.