Dot Com Lunch – The New iPhone 5S Edition

On this edition of the Dot Com Lunch, we show off the new Apple iPhone 5S. Yes, we got our hands on one, and we didn’t have to line up two weeks for it! We just paid someone to line up. You can afford to do this kind of stuff when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle. 🙂

We had a dozen people making it out to the patio of Pho Ba Co for an afternoon of networking and fine dining. The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, and iPhone was perfect. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that. Anyone is welcome to join the Dot Com Lunch. All you have to do is sign up for the Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup Group, and we’ll tell you the time and place of our next get together.

In addition to the new iPhone, this edition of Dot Com Lunch features an iPhone 5S case that cost more than the iPhone, the aftermath of Pho, Oscar gives advise to TEDx Orange Coast, great children’s books, and Yuka sexting her boyfriend. Enjoy!