Dot Com Lunch – SLog2 and Film Convert Pro Edition

After taking last weekend off to attend the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas, I’m back this week to host the Dot Com Lunch in Orange County. And it was a perfect day to do so. The sun was out and weather was amazing.

We had a nice turn of eight making it to the Pho Ba Co patio for this week’s lunch. Anyone is welcome to join us. All you have to do it join our Dot Com Lifestyle meetup group to be alerted of any future get together. We do them almost every Saturday, unless I’m out of town.

On this edition of the Dot Com Lunch, I tried to fit my $2.1 million check into my Jaguar without much success, Joe gave me a testimonial that you can’t hear because of a closed mic, I use a furry rabbit’s foot as a wind blocker, and the Sony A6300 is the gadget of the week.

This episode of the Dot Com Lunch was filmed with the Sony A7R II using SLog2 and then color graded with Film Convert Pro. The final result is pretty cool. I’m sure the quality will improve as I get to know the software better.

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