Dot Com Lunch – Sally Chow 360 Twist Edition

On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, I celebrate the launch of Matt Lloyd’s new book but giving away my book, Blogging Secrets. Everyone who showed up for lunch got a free signed copy. I’ll be doing this for the next few meetups so if you want a free book, then RSVP to the next meetup.

This lunch was all about good news. The first good news was an email from Tesla saying my Model X was in production and will be delivered in the next two months. Then I got a Facebook message from Matt Lloyd saying I made $10,050 while I was having lunch! One of the great thing about living the Dot Com Lifestyle is you can make money while you’re enjoying lunch with friends.

Sally Chow is the star of this Dot Com Lunch. Not only does she teach her friend how to ride a hoverboard, she also showed off her amazing ability of being able to twist her hand in a full 360 degree circle! Watch the video to see her amazing human trick.

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