Dot Com Lunch – Ikan Beholder EC1 Edition

On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, I show of the Beholder EC1 by Ikan. This is a 3-axis gimbal, like the Feiyu Tech FY-WG, only a lot bigger. The Beholder EC1 is created for professional filmmakers looking for a single handheld stabilizer for a large range of medium and small cameras.

The 3-Axis gimbal features three 360 degree rotating brushless motors that give you a limitless range of motion. With a payload of up to 4.5 lbs., the EC1 has the ability to stabilize a wide range of today’s popular DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Sony A6300, Sony A7SII, Panasonic GH4, and the Canon 5D Mark III are just a few cameras that the EC1 can handle.