Dot Com Lunch At Taco Asylum

Taco Asylum is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to. If you like tacos, you will love the Asylum. They serve only tacos. There are no other Mexican foods on the menu other than starter nachos.

While the Asylum offers classic tacos like most Mexican restaurants, they are famous for their specialty tacos. The craziest of which is the Bacon PB&J.


The Bacon PB&J is made from roasted peanut butter, carrot-ginger jam, fresh greens, sweet and spicy bacon, and pickled Fresno chilis. It sounds like a crazy combination but it’s amazingly delicious. I really don’t know why I thought the combo was strange. As kid, I loved peanut butter and jam sandwiches. And we all know that everything goes better with bacon. What can better than a peanut butter, jam, and bacon taco? The Bacon PB&J was my favorite taco on the menu.

Some of the other specialty tacos I tried included the Banh Mi taco, the short rib taco, and the Philly cheese steak taco. All were excellent, but it was the Bacon PB&J that stood out heads and shoulders above the rest.

If you’re into taco, then you must try Taco Asylum. The one downside is parking. Taco Asylum is located inside the Camp in Costa Mesa and parking is always hard to find. I had to park across the street at the Pep Boys (purchased a bag of Reese’s Pieces) and walked over. Still, I’ll be going back there again to try some of their other specialty tacos.




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