Dot Com Lunch at Stacks Pancake House

stacksNixon Tanuwidjaja has spent his life pursuing his passion for unique delicious meals. Working full time in a restaurant while he put himself through college, Nixon realized how much he enjoyed the hospitality industry and began his pursuit to own his own restaurant concept.

Directing operations for four Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles gave Nixon two life changing experiences, an appreciation of the delicate nuances of Asian Cuisine and an introduction to Ovita who would soon become his wife and partner. The opportunity to move to Hawaii, allowed Nixon and Ovita to experience the Aloha of Hawaiian cooking that infuses Hawaiian and Asian influences into their favorite meal of the day – breakfast.

Armed with their recipe for the delicious Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes, authentic Hawaiian Loco Moco, and their famous Coconut Syrup, Nixon and Ovita decided to return home to Southern California and pursue their dream to own their own restaurant. The result was Stacks Pancake House.

Drawing on their new found knowledge, Nixon and Ovita have created a melting pot of influences adding items such as savory Korean Kalbi Ribs, Japanese Fried Rice Omelets, delicate French Crepes, and Belgian Waffles to a menu that offers traditional favorites like Eggs Benedict, Chorizo and Eggs, and creative specialty Omelets.

The next meetup of the Dot Com Lunch & Book Club will be held at Stacks on Wednesday, July 6. See you there!