Dot Com Lunch At DB Bistro Moderne

One of the main advantages of living The Dot Com Lifestyle is you can do two to three hour lunches. And that’s exactly what we did today at DB Bistro Moderne at 2551 West Broadway in Vancouver. DB stands for Daniel Boulud. In the high end culinary world, Chef Daniel Boulud stands near the very top. The New York based chef and restaurateur has dazzled diners with his French cooking technique applied to seasonal American ingredients for years. DB Bistro Moderne is one of two Vancouver restaurants operated by Chef Boulud (the other, Lumiere, is right next door) and it has become quite the hot spot for all the beautiful people in the city.

We went to DB to sample Boulud’s famous DB Burger. This is a $28 sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs, black truffle, Foie Gras and served on a Parmesan bun. It’s not the most expensive burger I’ve ever tried (that honor belongs to the Feenie Burger) but it was definitely one of the tastiest. For those who can’t stomach paying $28 for a hamburger, DB offers the $15 Frenchie Burger. Stephen Fung ordered both. Ed Lau and I stuck with the just the DB Burger while Greg Morgan and Adarsh went with the Frenchie.

I started with a Nova Scotia lobster salad that cost the same as the burger. It was one of the most expensive salads I’ve ever sampled but it was also one of the best. We all went for DB’s dessert of the day (coconut chocolate mousse with passion fruit sorbet and macadamia nuts) and that was a great choice because it blew our minds. The food was great and the service was even better. This may have to do with the fact that we were practically the only people there since the lunch crowd had gone back to work a long time ago. You got to love being able to take three hour lunches.

Nova Scotia Lobster Salad

DB Bistro Moderne

The Frenchie Burger

DB Bistro Moderne

The DB Burger

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Dessert of the Day

DB Bistro Moderne

Reactions From The Twittersphere

I like to give my Twitter followers some exposure once in a while. The following were some tweets we received during our Dot Com lunch. I recommend you follow everyone on this list.

@micsui817 (Michelle Sui) says:
@edlau @JohnChow I hate you both… ahahahaha. Way to go Ed…. way to bring me a burger! Sheeesh. Some friend you are.

@ScoobysWorld (ScoobysSnacks) says:
@JohnChow – oh man that looks so good. i love lilikoi!

@flynnofilm (Flynn O’Connor) says:
@JohnChow You know, eventually bragging about all your followers and your 3 hour lunches and all your money just makes you look like a dick.

@tariqbamadhaj (Tariq Bamadhaj) says:
@JohnChow I wish I could take a 3 hour lunch ๐Ÿ˜›

@R_Arblaster (Richard Arblaster) says:
@JohnChow – that is one big burger ๐Ÿ™‚

@dbvictoria (dbvictoria) says:
@JohnChow It looks amazing. Don’t know if it looks $28 amazing, though.

@Widgett (Widgett Walls) says:
@JohnChow: The question is whether or not it all tastes like $28.

@sallyroyerderr (Sally Royer-Derr) says:
@JohnChow Looks good, but a $28 dessert – Wow!

@jlmckenzie (Jennifer McKenzie) says:
@JohnChow Wow that looks good! It’s official, I’m hungry. Must go find a snack!

@kitchenMage (kitchenMage) says:
@JohnChow I have a tweet for you, Specially priced at 28 dollars. Today only, just for you. #evilGrin

@ScoobysWorld (ScoobysSnacks) says:
@JohnChow oh hell yeah, order one for me too! sounds like hawaii on a plate!

@lynda3668 (Lynda Alberswerth) says:
@JohnChow now i can tell everyone i saw a $28 burger.. thanks.. lol

@ko0ty (ko0ty) says:
@JohnChow I would eat that for $28. =P

@mathiasaw (Mathias) says:
@JohnChow I would pay $28 for that burger.

@BonnieLowe (Bonnie Lowe) says:
@JohnChow It looks mighty tasty, but $28 for a burger? I hope the fries came with it! And maybe a glass of wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

@JstKdngButSrsly (Austin T) says:
@JohnChow I would eat this UP! What the heck is a "DB Burger," though?

@kitchenMage (kitchenMage) says:
@JohnChow Did it come with free movie tickets or something? I like spending money on food but ~56 bucks for salad, burger, fries…?!

@indianfoodrocks (indianfoodrocks) says:
@JohnChow I think I’d rather have a rack of lamb that costs about as much cos then I wouldn’t be so hungry afterwards ๐Ÿ˜€

@randy_Lowe (Randy Lowe) says:
@johnchow where’s the $20 in change that you got back from paying for the salad?

@azahar (azahar) says:
@JohnChow Boy, you sure eat BIG food.

@thesolutions (Renee) says:
@JohnChow 28 bucks…i hope it tastes as good as it looks, what kind is it, looks like maybe fish or…? #lt

@superD4 (superD) says:
@JohnChow – $28?!?!?! Where are you at? Looks yummy.

@jonathanw (Jonathan Wagener) says:
@JohnChow that looks awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

@jkmodels (Jennifer K) says:
@JohnChow whoa! What is DB and why are the burgers so expensive? Are they wrapped in gold? ๐Ÿ˜‰

@dav3choi (Dave Choi) says:
@JohnChow are they made of kobe beef or something? and have truffles on them?

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