Dot Com Lunch – 4K POVGear Lunch Edition

Saturday is the day I host the Dot Com Lunch. It’s normally held on the patio of Pho Ba Co. However, the hot 90F sun forced us to have the lunch inside the restaurant.

For this edition of the Dot Com Lunch, I decided to use both the Sony A7R II and the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition to see the quality difference when recording in 4K. It’s not really a fair comparison. The GoPro cost only $500, while the Sony setup cost over $4,000. However, the video quality of Sony is so much higher than the GoPro, the price difference seems almost justifiable.

The reason for including the GoPro for this episode is because of the POVGear carbon fibre GoPro pole. This was our gadget of the week. I showed off the original pole back in December 2014. Since then, POVGear has updated it two times. It’s my current favorite selfie stick for the GoPro.

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