Dot Com Life Vlog – CHILL At The Queen Mary

CHILL at the Queen Mary is an annual event that opened on the day before Thanksgiving, and run until January 8, 2017.

The event is supposed to bring a chilly winter wonderland to sunny Southern California. However, the format of CHILL got changed this year. Instead of freezing your hineys off inside giant freezer full of ice sculptures (complete with ice slides), this year’s CHILL replaced the ice with Alice in Winterland. The temperature was well above zero. In fact, Sally said she was sweating.

Based on all the Yelp reviews from the opening night, it looks like the new format is a mix bag. Many people had a great time, but many also missed the ice sculptures.

Personally, I like the new CHILL. I’ve been to ice sculpture events before and it’s so cold inside that the only thing you think about is getting the hell out.

Thanks to Sondra Barker of Pretty Fit Foodie for hooking us up with the media passes for CHILL. We had a great time, and look forward to the next event.