Dot Com Go Karting with Unique Blog Designs

Right after Dot Com Pho World, we drove over to SyKart for some Dot Com Go Karting. The karts at SyKart are way more serious than the peon go karts at Castle (un)Fun Park. The SyKart karts put out 6.5HP and can hit over 35MPH on the 1/3 mile indoor track and generate over 1G of cornering force. That might explain why we were required to wear a head sock in addition to a full face helmet. Once you’ve mastered the 6.5HP karts, you can move up to the faster 9HP monster karts. You need to run the track in less than 36 seconds five times before moving to the faster karts.

Joining me for the Dot Com go kart death race were Nate Whitehill, Josh Mullineaux and Matt Blancarte of Unique Blog Designs, Neil Patel, James Seligman and Jordan Pearce. We had a blast during our two heats. My arms were really feeling it after the races because those karts can generate some serious corning forces! As for lap times, the best I was able to do was come within 2 seconds of qualifying for the 9HP karts. I was told this was quite good for a first time out.

Thanks go out to the boys from Unique Blog Designs for sponsoring our first Dot Com go Kart. I need to set up a Dot Com go Kart event when I get home to Vancouver. Who wants to come?