Dot Com Go Karting with Neverblue Ads

The boys and girls from Neverblue Ads were in town and I figured what better way to welcome them to Vancouver than with a little Dot Com Go kart racing. Ever since my go karting adventures with Unique Blog Designs in Seattle, I’ve been meaning to get the dot com crew together to do some karting at home.

We headed to TBC Indoor Racing in Richmond at around 2PM. Going at that time meant we had the place all to ourselves since everyone else was working – that’s the advantage of living the Dot Com Lifestyle. After signing the waiver and trying on that stupid head sock, we had a good laugh at Samantha and Leanne from Neverblue Ads because they forgot to wear proper driving shoes and had to wear leftover shoes from TBC.

The racing was a total blast and everyone had a great time. However, the event ended on a sour note because Leo Chiang was still in go kart racing mode when he got back to his car. Watch the video to see what happen to his beloved Mustang.