Dot Com Fusion Fest

Surrey Fusion Festival

After Dot Com Pho at Pho Lan Restaurant, which was attended by only 7 people because of a Dot Com split, We headed across the Alex Fraser bridge and into city of Surrey for the first ever Dot Com Fusion Festival.

The Surrey Fusion Festival is Surrey’s largest 3-day multicultural celebration with 40 international pavilions celebrating music, food and culture. This is the event’s first year and it looks like a big hit.

The festival is held at the new Holland Park located at King George Highway and Old Yale Road. This is the largest multicultural event in Surrey’s history as over 60,000 people are projected to attend this free outdoor festival.

Unlike the United States, which tries to be a melting pot, Canada celebrates its diversity. The Surrey Fusion Festival brings together many distinct cultural heritages represented by ethnic and community groups hosting pavilions to present the music, food, costume and dance of their country of origin. Fusion Festival started yesterday and goes until tomorrow. It’s worth checking out.