Dot Com Dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club Las Vegas

Yesterday was the last day of the MOBE Supercharge Summit, and we decided to end it with a bang by doing a dot com dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club. This is a fine dining restaurant that serves steak and seafood inside an elegant, treehouse like structure inside Crystals at CityCenter.

Since Supercharge was held at the Palms, we needed a ride to get to CityCenter. As luck with have it, a limo was waiting for us once we step outside the hotel.


The problem with the CityCenter is it’s so big that if your driver drops you off at the wrong entrance, you could be in for quite walk. And that was exactly what happened. We told the driver to dropped us off at the Aria hotel entrance. We should have said the Crystals entrance.

A nice 15 minute walk later, we came upon Mastro’s 80 foot tall treehouse restaurant.


Serving prime steaks and the freshest seafoods, Mastro’s Ocean Club has become a go-to place among Vegas locals and Vegas visitors. The prices are pretty outrageous (dinner came to over $1,000) if you didn’t receive a $2.1 million check, but it’s still worth trying just for the experience.






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