Dot Com Burger Day Meetup


With the pending closure of Wally’s Burger, we decided to forgo the normal Dot Com Pho to do a Dot Com Wally’s. However, there were some disagreements in the ranks. Many of the fellow dot com had already been to Wally’s upon hearing about its closure.

Stephen recommended we all hit Tops Restaurant instead of Wally’s. Since Tops was just down the street from Wally’s, we decided to turn Dot Com Wally’s into Dot Com Burger Day and try burgers at both locations. That is, if we were still hungry, which many of us were not after having the burgers from Wally’s.

The Wally’s Deluxe Wagon


The Deluxe Wagon is Wally’s version of the Macdonald’s Big Mac. It’s one of the best burgers in the city and if you take price into consideration (it cost $4.05) it is the best burger in the city. I will miss it dearly when Wally’s closes at the end of the month. I paired my Wagon with some orion rings and a strawberry milkshake.

Wally’s Curly Fries


The wally’s Curly fries taste like any other Curly fries but it sure it long! I wonder where they get their potatoes from?

Tops Restaurant


After lunch at Wally’s it was time to head down the street to Tops Restaurants to try out their Super Burger. Tops Restaurant is a more traditional dine in restaurant – think Denny’s. It hasn’t been on Kingsway for as long as Wally’s but it had developed a loyal following for their super sized burgers.

The Tops Super Burger


I thought the Wally’s Deluxe Wagon was big until I saw the Tops Super Burger. This thing is massive! After eating a Wally’s burger, I figure no one would be able to finish off a Super Burger. I was mostly right. Stephen was the only one able to eat both a Wally’s and Super Burger. I have no idea where he stores it. Everyone else barely consumed half the Super Burger.

A quick poll around the table showed that Wally’s had the better burger. The Wally’s burger was also cheaper. At $12.99 for a Super Burger, you can buy three Wally’s Deluxe Wagon and still have change left to buy a Coke.

Joining us for this Dot Com Burger feast were Stephen Fung, Greg Morgan, Danny Chang, Ed Lau, Leo Chiang, Michael Kwan and his girlfriend, Susan.

Stephen Fung Shows How To Eat a Tops Super Burger




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