Do You Think Like a Winner?

This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson, be sure to check out his $1,000 contest at TheRatingBlog if you haven’t by now.

I’ll spare you the boring introduction and will cut right to the chase: in this industry, there are winners and losers. People are interested in what winners have to say, follow their websites on a regular basis and advertisers want to associate their brand with them.

Who wouldn’t want to think like a winner? This may come as a huge surprise, but the answer could be “you”. A lot of people don’t realize it, but they have the attitude of a loser, they simply don’t think like winners and I will focus on one particular aspect which I personally find amusing.

Just Another [Insert Topic Here] Blog

I’m sure you have come across your share of blogs with “just another [insert topic here] blog” as their title. Alright then, as a potential loyal reader, I have one question: Why on Earth would I bother reading your blog if you admit that there’s nothing special about it?

You need to always put yourself in the position of a visitor. What would you say when you come across a blog with such a title? Would you bother coming back when you see that even the blogger doesn’t believe in his or her website? Let’s face it, if you don’t show confidence in your own project, why would you expect others to?

I’ll tell you what I do whenever I come across such a blog: I simply leave and never look back. Time is something I can’t afford to waste by reading what a loser has to say, something I can’t afford to waste by reading “just another blog”. If you have something special to offer and if you manage to convince me that following your blog is time well spent on your part, I will gladly return. If the information you are offering is worth it, I will even join programs you are promoting and find useful using your affiliate link, as I believe in rewarding people for adding value to the Web.

You need to understand that people have busy lives and that reading “just another blog” about “whatever” is not exactly on top of their priority list. A lot of bloggers out there try to build upon a shaky foundation: the business model of a loser. It should come as no surprise that they end up as yet another statistic, yet another name added to the “blogging failures” list.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you really think like a winner? What makes your blog special? What will you do in order to convince readers that following your blog is a decision they will not regret? It all starts with having the proper attitude. Don’t make the mistake of blogging about “whatever”, don’t make the mistake of being “just another blog”, there are millions of them out there already. The last thing the Web needs is another loser.

If you aren’t capable of thinking like a winner, if you don’t believe in yourself and in the value you can provide to your readers then I am afraid that a 9-5 job will just have to do. Not an option? Then it’s time to change your way of thinking, it’s time to understand that you are capable of providing value and it’s time to let the World know that there’s no stopping you.

*Editor Note – This post reminds me of a questions I’m often asked: “What’s the difference between you and the guy who works 9 to 5?” My answer used to be, “I think differently.” However, I have since changed the answer to, “I think.” – JC